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Physical Education and Sports

Тренировка по голбал         Classes in physical education and sports are an important part of the curriculum at Louis Braille School for visually impaired children. The syllabus is adapted and takes into account the specificities of working with visually impaired children from the first to the twelfth grade. Sports like athletics, gymnastics and judo are taught as well as goal-ball and showdown, sports played by visually impaired people. In optional classes, students are trained and prepared for competitions in martial arts, athletics, goal-ball, fitness and chess.  The school’s skilful sportsmen take part in regional, state, European, world and Paralympic competitions.  The Bolid Sports club, which was established at school several years ago, is lead by the physical education and sports teachers, who as well possess qualification in training goal-ball, judo, athletics, chess, cycling and showdown. The sports club competitors have won medals in state, European and world championships.


Our physical education syllabus involves kinesitherapy as well. Students, who need therapy, are offered individual classes for rehabilitation and massage.