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ИгротекаLouis Braille School for Visually Impaired Children provides a wide range of facilities. It consists of several buildings, joined together so that visually impaired children could have easy access to each of them. Outdoor and indoor areas are marked according to the requirements for accessible environment, by tactile walking paths and color marking. The school building has modern classrooms with up-to-date equipment. In each classroom there is a computer with speech software and magnifying aids to support the educational process. Comfortably close to the classrooms are the library, the dining-room and the gymnasium for the primary classes. There is also a computer room, a language laboratory, a biology classroom and physics and chemistry laboratory; all of these have the necessary facilities meeting contemporary educational requirements. Primary school classrooms are situated on the first floor.  The boarding-house provides a sufficient number of bedrooms and rooms to relax and play, with modern equipment as well as toys for safe play and games stimulating children’s development. Classrooms and bedrooms of students with multiple disabilities, the massage center, the sensory-motor stimulation room and the play therapy room are situated on the first floor. All the three floors have rooms equipped with household appliances, which students learn to use by themselves. The sports section of the school includes a gymnasium with bathrooms and changing-rooms, tatami for judo, fitness room, showdown table, long jump pit, handball, basketball, football playgrounds, etc. The concert hall consists of a professional stage and space for the audience comprising 200 seats. In the schoolyard there is a sensory garden with safe alleys to take a walk around and a playground.